black tie event

One in all my favorites
Hours and hours of teaching I have had,
To do a different process,
I'm what they name a provider canine,
Excuse me when I pull this knob,
Maggie is my individual chum,
She is in a steel chair,
Excuse me I'll be excellent again,
She wants a broom for her hair,
See Maggie's legs do not paintings true effectively,
She had an twist of fate whilst she used to be 9,
Become damage genuine undesirable in a swimming pool,
They mentioned she broke her backbone,
That is after i got here to are living right here,
So joyful they obligatory me,
Appears like she's having an issue,
Cling on permit me cross see,
It changed into in point of fact not anything,
Simply her spoon hit the ground,
Then she desired to pass exterior,
So I spread out her door,
I got here right here to dwell 8 years in the past,
All people changed into so disillusioned,
As soon as all the pieces settled down,
They had been the nicest of us I ever met,
Maggies getting her hair performed as we speak,
I have been there earlier than,
That is the vicinity wherein human beings get their ft scrubbed, black tie event
And there is hair all around the ground,
Her mother is taking us down there,
Theres a few sort of tournament this night,
I will be able to simply tag alongside at the back of and
Try and remain out of sight,
Plenty of people on the hair position at present,
Some thing need to be up,
The sign up my lower back says canine at paintings,
Dont attempt to puppy this doggy!
Sooner or later we're out of there,
Another area to head,
She's settling on up an incredibly lovely gown,
And a tie fashioned like a bow,
I'm satisfied Maggie's smiling at present,
She have been just a little down,
Fabulous how a mani/pedi,
Can wipe away a frown!!!
In the end again domicile I could get that door,
Am i able to assistance with the rest?
Sure I be mindful in which your cellphone is,
I am going to get it off that shelf,
I heard her chatting with her company,
Approximately in which they'd meet,
I believe she has a date this night,
She failed to good enough that with me!
I will be able to admit it I'm jealous,
I complication approximately my woman,
I have constantly sorted her,
She definitely is my global,
Individuals are assembly the following this night,
I can not wait to fulfill this man,
He bigger be very nice to her,
Or I'm going to provide him a black eye!
All her company are right here now,
They may be all with their dates,
Maggies man is nowhere to be located,
I figured he can be overdue,
Then they started out shooting,
In entrance of the ancient willow tree,
She pulled out that tie formed like a bow,
Then she positioned it on ME!!
That made me so joyful,
Appear how good-looking I'm mother,
Me and my worthwhile Maggie,
Are going to the promenade!
I danced each and every dance that night time,
With Maggie she's my woman,
She may perhaps on no account stroll once again,
However she's the good dancer on earth!


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