Begin with one hundred% and subtract 1% for every thing that you've got performed.

-smoked ?
-drank alcohol ?
-been inebriated
-had intercourse ?
-been to a live performance
-gotten/given a handjob ?
-gotten/given a blowjob ?
-been verbally/sexually careworn ?
-verbally/sexually careworn anyone
Proportion To date: ninety fourp.c

-felt human being up and/or been felt up ?
-laughed so exhausting anything got here from your nostril ?
-cheated on boyfriend/lady friend formerly ?
-been cheated on by way of boyfriend/female friend ?
-been to promenade
-cried in class ?
-gotten misplaced in a Walmart or division retailer ?
-went streaking ?
-given or got a lap dance ?
-had anybody of the other intercourse on your room ?
Proportion Up to now: eighty fivepercent

-had anybody of the alternative intercourse sleep over
-slept over at a person of the alternative intercourse's condo ?
-kissed a stranger ?
-hugged a stranger ?
-went scuba diving
-pushed a car or truck ?
-gotten an x ray ?
-hit by way of a car or truck ?
-had a celebration ?
-executed severe capsules
Proportion To date: seventy eightpercent

-performed strip poker/darts ?
-bought paid to strip for somebody ?
-ran clear of domicile ?
-damaged a bone ?
-eaten sushi ?
-purchased porn
-watched porn ?
-made porn
-been in love ?
Share Thus far: seventy onepercent

-made out ?
-laughed so laborious you cried ?
-cried your self to sleep ?
-shot a gun ?
-trash talked any one after which acted like their ally the next day to come ?
-been on line for 9 consecutive hours ?
-watched television for 9 consecutive hours ?
-watched an animal die ?
Percent Up to now: sixty threepercent

-watched an individual die ?
-kissed and/or messed round someplace with in any case one user ?
-pranked anyone ?
-positioned any person inside the health center ?
-snuck into a persons room and/or your individual room after being out ?
-kissed any person of a similar intercourse ?
-dressed punk ?
-dressed goth ?
-dressed preppy ?
-been to motorcross race
Percent Up to now: fifty fourp.c.

-have shyed away from a person ?
-been stalked ?
-stalked any person
-met a celeb
-performed an device ?
-ridden a horse
-reduce your self ?
-bungee jumped
-ding dong ditched someone ?
-been to a wild social gathering
Proportion Up to now: forty ninep.c

-acquired stuck stealing some thing ?
-kicked / punched a man inside the balls ?
-stolen a boyfriend/lady friend from human being ?
-long gone out together with your good friend's weigh down ?
-acquired arrested ?
-been pregnant ?
-babysat ?
-been to a different u . s .
-set your own home on hearth
-had an come upon with a ghost ?
Percent Up to now: forty onep.c.

-donated your hair to most cancers sufferers ?
-been requested out through human being which you not at all proposal you would be requested out via ?
-cried over a member of the other intercourse ?
-had a boyfriend/female friend for over three months ?
-sat to your butt all day ?
-ate an entire carton of ice cream ?
-had a task
-gotten reduce from a sporting events group ?
-been often called a whore ?
-danced like a whore
Share Thus far: 33p.c

-been incorrect as older than your personal age ?
-been in a automotive twist of fate ?
-been advised you've got stunning eyes ?
-been informed you will have fascinating hair ?
-danced within the rain ?
-been rejected ?
-walked out of a cafe with no paying
-punched any individual/slapped any one inside the face ?
Very last Share: 26p.c


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